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Aeropress XL

Aeropress XL

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An icon is reborn!

Anyone can tell we LOVE the Aeropress! It is one of the easiest ways to up your coffee game. Well ... the Aeropress now got BIGGER! With this larger Aeropress XL you can now enjoy more coffee, made in the same way as the original. It is just as durable, affordable and versatile as the Original, just bigger!

Why we love it

The AeroPress XL withstands the test of time. It comes with us on outdoor adventures and still functions flawlessly. We really have thrown ours around and it has not let us down yet! If parts break or go missing, they're easily replaceable. We enjoy experimenting with different brewing methods and discovering new coffee profiles. 

What comes in the box?

Our stock is the original Original so in the box you will get:

  • Plunger
  • Chamber
  • Filter Cap
  • Stirrer
  • Scoop
  • 100 Filter Papers
  • Carafe

How it works

The AeroPress consists of three main parts—plunger, chamber, and filter cap. Attach the filter cap with your preferred filter. Add ground coffee to the chamber, pour in hot water, and stir occasionally. Brewing time varies but typically lasts around three minutes. Place the chamber on a mug, position the plunger on top of the chamber, and slowly press down. Enjoy the aromatic coffee as it fills your cup.


Worth mentioning that the Aeropress XL only works with the XL filter papers


P.S. This is for the Aeropress XL, nothing else in the pictures :)

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