Meet Us

We share a love for all things coffee. What started as a chat about where to get great coffee and equipment has led us to create Estuary Coffee. We are both dedicated to make it easy for anyone to have a great cup of coffee, regardless of budget or knowledge.

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We both understand that a simple cup of coffee in the morning can make all the difference. It can cheer you up when you are feeling down, it can set you up for a busy day ahead, or just give you that little bit of time to yourself.

We want you to share our journey as we aim to provide great coffee to everyone!

Wesley has enjoyed all things coffee for a long time! Starting from a simple V60, Wesley is self taught in the world of coffee.

Wesley's background is in engineering so understands the difference a cup of great coffee can make to your day (especially if you are outside in the rain!)

Wesley is the person to go to with any questions from "what is a good way to brew coffee on a budget" to "should I use a light or a dark roast".

Tom could be called a "newcomer" to the world of coffee. Initially not liking coffee at all, it was not until Wesley made him a great cup (using a V60 if you are interested) that things changed. 

Working in healthcare, coffee has become a part of his daily life. Starting a shift with a good cup of coffee helps start the day off right.

Tom is now learning about all the different ways to brew coffee as well as the different beans, roast profiles and ways to enjoy coffee.

We also have our three pets; Betty the labradoodle, Órla the goldendoodle and Henry the ragdoll cat.