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Metal Filter for AeroPress

Metal Filter for AeroPress

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A metal filter is a great addition to any AeroPress set up. Not only does it mean you can leave the house without worrying if you have any filter papers, it can also enhance the flavour of your coffee!

Mesh vs. Holes

There are some differences to consider when choosing a metal filter for your AeroPress. Our metal filters come in two types, fine mesh or holes. They both offer different characteristics to your brew. The 0.2mm fine mesh filter helps deliver a sweeter full bodied cup of coffee with less sediment. The metal filter with holes offers a more mellow cup of coffee with a little bit more sediment. Both these filters will deliver a different flavour profile in comparison to using the traditional paper filters and will give you a much more complex flavour profile. 

Why we love it

As you can tell, we love the AeroPress. The fact you can make little alterations to your brew method to create different flavour profiles is one of the reasons we like it so much. Using these metal filters gives you control over the flavour profile and is such an easy tweak to make. They also work really well with the inverted (upside down) method. 

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