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Estuary Coffee

Idaly Calderon Roasted Coffee (Small Batch)

Idaly Calderon Roasted Coffee (Small Batch)

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Grind Size

Small but mighty!

This is a little bit different to our previous roasts. This small batch is lighter, fruitier and uses both geisha and catuai beans for an amazing flavour. Just in time for the warmer weather! 

Why we love it

This roast has a really clean profile with flavours of mango, kiwi and melon with a little bit of caramel at the end. During our testing we think the best way to brew this coffee works best with a V60 or a Clever Dripper, although whichever way you brew this it will be amazing! The beans are a light roast resulting in a lighter and brighter brew. This is a small lot batch so will not be around for long!

Flavour Notes

Vanilla, mango, kiwi, melon, caramel, coconut, strawberry

Grind Sizes

We are trying something a bit different. We will grind to order. Meaning you can be sure to get the exact grind you need. We can do the following:

Whole Bean - For those who want to dial in the grind on their own equipment
Coarse Grind - This grind is good for steeping, cold brew and cafetiere / french press
Medium Grind - Excellent for V60'sClever Drippers and the fantastic Aeropress
Fine Grind - Good for moka pots

We use a Eureka Drogheria MCD4 with 85mm Flat Blades which produces an excellent, uniform grind

Getting the coffee to you

We are offering free shipping on all coffee only orders over £20, otherwise it is £1. This might go up a bit if you add some of our hardware and accessories. We ship with Royal Mail as we have found them to be the best around. 

About the producer

Doña Idaly’s farm is on the steep slopes of Frailes. Working with her 15 siblings this is very much a family farm. Doña worked as a picker for many years and after saving up started this farm in the early 2000's.


1500 m.a.s.l.

Farm Location


P.S. You are only getting the coffee, nothing else in the pictures :)

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